1. Work undertaken on your behalf (tests, inspections or jobs etc.) will not commence until a written purchase order indicating applicable quotation number is supplied.
  2. Invoices will be emailed to the nominated email address in the pdf format. Additional service charges will be charged for alternative mode of delivery or for additional administrative requirements.
  3. All invoices shall be paid within 30 days from the job completion date. Otherwise 10% penalty interest will be charged as per Section 2 of the Penalty Interest Act 1983.
  4. The client shall pay progress payment for invoices for the on-going work at the end of each month.
  5. All LMATS quotations are valid for 3 months from the date of issue.  They are always based on normal business hours (weekdays 7.30 am to 4.00pm). Any work or travel performed outside the normal business hours will be charged at an additional overtime rate per person.
  6. All prices stated in LMATS quotation are excluding GST, induction costs and any site specific allowances.
  7. Stand down time will be charged for the period of 10 hour break after excessive overtime and intermittent afternoon or night shifts.
  8. Weekend and public holiday work will incur a minimum charge of 4 hours.
  9. All standby, site induction, permits, job waiting, site delays, repair test/ retest will be charged at the Standard hourly rate per technician.
  10. Standard hourly rate will be charged if the test areas or test items are not clearly identified or properly arranged to facilitate simple access.
  11. Witnessing work will incur additional 10% surcharge on the total invoice amount.
  12. Preparation of client specific procedures or client documents or audit on LMATS will incur additional charges at Standard hourly rates.
  13. Any cost for the procurement of additional non-Standard PPE or clothing and medical test cost will be charged to the client.
  14. All test items shall be delivered to LMATS nominated laboratory with adequate packaging. (if applicable)
  15. Unless requested by the client to return test items, LMATS at its discretion may dispose or retain and display any test samples, specimens or items as a reference material for training, education and knowledge sharing in the industry; after 6 weeks from the completion of testing.
  16. Living away from home expenses is applicable whenever the personnel cannot return home on the same night.
  17. Any quoted job completion time is estimate only and LMATS will not be liable for failure to deliver or delay in delivery for any reason.
  18. All illustrations, drawings & specifications supplied with quotations are approximate only.
  19. LMATS may call for trade references to evaluate the credit history of the client and in the event of such references not being satisfactory, or not being supplied as requested the Company may withhold delivery and terminate the contract forthwith.
  20. LMATS reserves the right
  • to invoice the client for partially completed work when the client cancels work order prior to the completion.
  • to hold any test results if the invoices for the previous work are not paid as per the terms.
  • to charge the client for the cost of packaging and delivery of goods or samples. LMATS will not take any liability for the damage or deterioration or loss in transit. The client shall insure their samples or goods in transit.
  • to charge the client for any damage of the test equipment due to your items while testing your product.
  • to subcontract the work and/or supply of any part of the work to other parties.