Pulsed Eddy Current Testing - PECT is a rapid screening corrosion assessment (remianing % thickness measurement) method utilized primarily on insulated ferrous Pipelines, tanks & vessels eliminating the operating asset’s downtime.

  • Detection of corrosion under insulation CUI degradation
  • Detection of internal flow induced erosion or corrosion
  • Most ideal on insulated, cladded, covered material surface. Subsea and splash zone inspection
  • Pulsed Eddy Current - PEC testing on high temperature surface without shutting down plant
  • Inaccessible test surface e.g. covered with asbestos or brick wall or sand covered
  • Hot or cold insulated pipelines, vessels, equipment, columns, storage tanks, concrete coated sphere legs
  • Insulated pipes above 100mm diameter or vessels or spheres
  • Pulsed Eddy Current - PEC testing can measure wall thickness from 4 to 35mm with repeatable results within the range of ±10%.

See the Pulsed Eddy Current Testing - PECT for full description

Case Studies:
Light Pole sleeving length measurement using PECT - Pulsed Eddy Current test