Storage Tank Inspections

Meeting Storage Tank statutory requirements

To combat tank failures and confirm to regulations owner/operators are adopting for a more effective tank management and inspection programs.

A tank management process can comprise of many facets to cover all concerns.

The flowchart below details a typical tank management process. 

tank inspection procedure

LMATS  provide both Online & Offline Inspections of Storage Tanks

Online inspections typically consist of:

  • ultrasonic shell crawler runs
  • ultrasonic roof measurements
  • shell settlement evaluation (differential versus planar)
  • with API-653 or EEMUA 159 visual external inspection.

damaged storage tank

Offline inspections typically consist of:

  • MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage) Floormap of the tank bottom plants
  • with API-653 or EEMUA 159 visual internal inspection.


LMATS provide advanced NDT solutions for the inspection of storage tanks:

remote weld inspection

LMATS Engineering Support Team

LMATS   certified inspectors & Engineering Support team can provide recommendations for repair or maintenance.
The results of the inspections are compiled into a concise report which can be supplied to the client both in hardcopy and electronically.
Repair recommendations, if any, are detailed in the report with reference to the applicable standard.

LMATS can also provide engineering solutions to difficult repairs and can provide engineering consultation on all tank design, operation and maintenance problems.

Construction Management

LMATS offers personnel suitably experienced with knowledge of:

  • fabrication techniques and procedures
  • storage tank construction
  • non-destructive examination
  • piping
  • coatings
  • review of modifications and as-built
  • and progress monitoring.

Subcontract Management

LMATS offers subcontract management services that can support the prime contractor’s management for a specific project through the solicitation process, receipt of bids, bid analysis and tabulation, award through project execution and completion.

storage tank inspection

The Inspection of Storage Tanks Features:

  • API-653 or EEMUA 159 certified inspectors.
  • Inspection for various construction Standards or Codes e.g. API 650, BS 2654, AWWA D100, AS 1692, etc
  • Inspection for various inspection Standard or Code e.g. API 653, EEMUA 159, STI SP001, AS 4971, etc.

The Inspection of Storage Tanks Advantages:

  • Systematically reduces the likelihood of failures by making better use of the inspection resources and will improve the reliability of tankage
  • The Inspection of Storage Tanks Applications:
    • Above and below ground tanks
    • Vertical and Horizontal tanks
    • On-Line and Off-Line inspections
    • Insulated or non-insulated conditions. 

Is your tank construction material as specified

Product Quality Inspections are Important, see how  LMATS  can help you save costs.

Are you receiving what you ordered? 
Learn how LMATS can provide you with the assurity that the complete shipment of the same quality and meets the specification?


Contact us today and find out how an LMATS storage tank inspection services can ensure the safety and integrity of your tanks.