With the help of industry support and collective efforts of technical specialists, LMATS Pty Ltd was established in Melbourne, Victoria in July 2008. LMATS is an abbreviation for Laboratories for Materials Advanced Testing Services.

The founder of LMATS Mr. Pranay Wadyalkar confirms that LMATS was established solely to assist industry by understanding their requirements and to provide cost effective services to extend their asset life. 

 has been extensively and rapidly accepted in the industry as a reliable testing and inspection services provider because several customer recommends other companies to engage LMATS services.  Concurrently, LMATS consistently delivered quality services to exceed customer’s satisfaction. As a result, LMATS had a rapid growth Australiawide and currently LMATS is  providing services from

  • Victoria –                      Melbourne (Williamstown and Dandenong),
  • New South Wales -      Sydney (Silverwater), Newcastle and Wodonga/Albury,
  • Queensland -               Brisbane (Archerfield) and 
  • Western Australian -   Perth (Bibra Lake)

LMATS provides comprehensive range of testing and inspection services using  Advanced NDT (LRUT, LFET, ECA, PEC, IRIS, RFT, NFT, NFA, MFL, PAUT, TOFD, CRT), Tak floor testing by MFL, Conventional Non Destructive Testing (NDT), Hydrostatic testing, Pressure equipment / Structures Inspections, engineering and mechanical testing, chemical  Analysis and Positive Material Identification, Corrosion Resistance Testing, Weld testing and WPS Qualifications, Metallurgical Services and Material Identification, Protective Coatings testing, Professional Services – Quality Assurance, NDT Level 3 services, Ceramics / Refractory/ Abrasive test and Calibration Services

LMATS passionate employees have compiled the following thoughts for the industry to consider LMATS as their partner in extending their asset life.

  1. 100% Australian owned. All surplus stays in the country.
  2. One stop source for comprehensive range of testing & inspection services in metallurgy, mechanical, chemical, Advanced & basic NDT.
  3. Provides a small business feel (1 to 1 contact) with nation wide support from professional experts.
  4. Focussed on latest & niche technology solutions to increase asset life and decrease operating cost for asset owners.
  5. Extension of asset life contributes to environmental sustainability, in reducing client’s operating cost and thus compete internationally.
  6. Direct access to the best industry experts. Highly qualified, experienced multi-skilled (L3 with engineering qualifications) personnel can recommend the most cost-effective testing solution for critical problems.
  7. Deliverables focussed on quality and not quantity or cheapest.
  8. Requires least notification period as compared to other service providers.
  9. Faster turnaround time for all engineering testing services and online reporting system.
  10. Worked on >100,000 projects, with >200 government departments and >3000 companies.
  11. Strong reputation for being ethical, dedicated and passionate testing specialists.


LMATS Pty Ltd - ABN 41 107 100 925