Ensure the safety and integrity of your tanks by using the professional tank inspection services of LMATS .

As part of a complete tank inspection service provided by LMATS perform NDT inspections and Tank Settlement surveys, accredited by NATA, LMATS an accredited NDT  laboratory perform vertical tank settlement surveys and assessments to API 653.

LMATS can perform Tank inspection, tank Settlement survey using self sinking Laser pointer and Surveyors Staff, Plumb test using a digital protractor, Tank measurements using laser measuring tools and Ultrasonic thickness mapping.

Tank Inspection

remote weld inspectionremote corrosion mapping
Some of the examples of LMATS reporting style is shown in the photographs

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 Tank-roof-thickness-mapping    Tank-bottom-thickness-mapping  
Radar-graph-for-tank-settlement-outside   Radar-graph-for-tank-settlement-Inside  
Circumferential-stringer   Lontitudinal-stringer-in-a-horizontal-tank  
corrosion-erosion-inernal-wall-1   corrosion-erosion-inernal-wall-2  

LMATS Tank inspection, safety and integrity services include the following:

  • Settlement (Laser) Survey – API 653
  • Plumb assessment – Digital protractor
  • Thickness mapping ‐ Tank bottom, wall & roof
  • Structural integrity assessment
  • Corrosion (Wastage) Rate – API 653

LMATS can provide Tank floor testing using the latest technology tank floor scanner.

Contact us today and find out how an LMATS tank inspection services can ensure the safety and integrity of your tanks.