Holiday test or a Continuity test is one of the non destructive test method applied on protective coatings to detect unacceptable discontinuities such as pinholes and voids.

The test involves checking of an electric circuit to see if current flows to complete the electrical circuit.

A Holiday test or Continuity test is performed by applying low voltage (connected in series with an LED or noise-producing component such as a piezoelectric speaker) across the chosen path.

If the electrical flow is detected then the test area is termed as conductive indicating presence of discontinuities such as pinholes and voids.

This test is commonly used in the offshore industries where piping and structures are coated with non-conductor coatings.

LMATS professionals are trained in Holiday (Continuity) test method in accordance with AS 3894.1, ASTM G62 and similar national and international standards.

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