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Australian Welding Academy is pleased to offer training in the following processes:

  • GTAW
  • GMAW
  • FCAW
  • MMAW
  • Oxy Cutting

Training can run from a day to a week – depending on what you wish to achieve. Unlike many of the other training facilities, we provide our training materials already bevelled – after all you don’t want to train to be a grinder, you want to be a welder! Even our pipes are provided with bevels in place – which cuts down the time and messing around. We are focused on practical, hands on training that will develop your skills, rather than classroom-based training.

We offer customised training to suit the needs of the individual, with extremely competitive pricing on our training. The additional value that comes from the trainers being experienced in both workshop and site related environments. Our trainers are all trade qualified with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessing, as well as Welding Supervisor/Inspector qualifications too. This makes them capable of both understanding training requirements as well as providing experienced-based training.

Education Services

As the job market starts to tighten up with the winding down of the construction projects in the North West, one of the things people are looking for when they are reviewing job applications are qualifications. Although the industry has operated on the basis of experience for many years, the shift is well underway towards more formal, nationally recognised qualifications. Australian Welding Academy is pleased to offer the following qualifications in conjunction with PFI Consulting, our RTO partner:NRT.logo.colour

Certificate II Engineering MEM20205
Certificate III Engineering (Fabrication) MEM30305
Verification of Competency (VOC’s)
The Cert II and Cert III qualifications are offered via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) which allows individuals with more than two years of experience to be recognised with formal qualifications. Please contact us and we can send out the forms that make up the documentation requirements for an RPL. We have even developed our own reference form to assist participants to get detailed references from current or previous employers to support their RPL applications.

Because of the need to train Welding Supervisors / Inspectors and the inflexibility of many training institutions, we have made arrangements with TAFESA which allows our students to study for the AS2214 Welding Supervisor or AS1796 Cert 10 Welding Supervisor qualifications. The training is conducted as an external student, which means you have the learning materials and workbooks home with you and study at your own pace. The course is made up of 5 separate modules, and you are given 6 months from date of enrolment to complete a module, although it is possible to finish a module in significantly less time. Please contact us for more information regarding these qualifications.

Welder testing and Qualification

One area that we often hear both individuals and companies questioning is the need to qualified weld procedures and qualified welders. No matter what the code, whether Australian or International, they all specify the same requirements. While there are many companies who have their own staff qualified and capable of handling this area, there are many more who struggle with understanding and meeting the requirements as set by their nominated standard.standards

The team at the Australian Welding Academy is uniquely qualified to assist in resolving these issues! Whether you are a labour hire company looking to qualify guys before placing them on a new job, a fabricator who has won a contract and requires weld procedures or qualified welders or an individual who wants welder qualifications to show a prospective employer we can help.

We offer several different options, depending on your needs.

Option 1 Qualifying a Weld Procedure

We can come to site or work in our Bibra Lake workshop, we can qualify the procedures for you or use one of your own staff or we might even have what you require in our existing library of procedures. Obviously everyone has different requirements, and while we would like to have a ready made solution for all of them, we cant. however, what we can offer is flexibility and the ability to think outside the square – working with you to achieve the best possible outcome – whether that is in terms of budget, timing, accommodating unusual requirements or even helping you work out exactly what you need.

Option 2 Qualifying Welders

Again, there are options.
We can come to your site or we can bring your staff into our workshop. Often we have clients, particularly labour hire clients, who on very short notice contact us to get staff tested prior to sending them to site. Wherever possible we will accommodate these requests – we keep a fairly well stocked supply of materials on hand in anticipation of just this type of event. If you require more exotic materials then we will source them as quickly as possible, or even use your materials if you have the appropriate material certificates available. We are also happy to supply test plates when we come to site – many clients find this a much easier option rather than having to source and prepare unusual items.

LMATS onsite testing and inspection facility expedites the welder and welding procedure qualification process. LMATS is NATA accredited for comprehensive range of testing and inspection services. In most cases we can have the results of a welder qualification test back within 2 hours of the completion of welds. The welders can get test results before they leave the workshop. LMATS understands this as a huge advantage for any businesses – no more waiting 1-2 weeks to find out if the new guy is going to be able to go to site, or weld on the major project you have in the workshop.

Option 3 VOC’s

Verification of Competency or VOC’s are becoming increasingly common amongst many of the bigger sites and even local workshops at employers look to fulfil their workplace health and safety obligations. A VOC involves an individual being accessed against an existing unit or competency to ensure they are performing the tasks correctly and safely. VOC’s are valid for 6 months and provide an employer with an independent, third party assessment to confirm that the individual is aware and capable of meeting their obligations in relation to a specific task or unit.

AWA can offer VOC’s at your site, or in our Bibra Lake workshop.
We are happy to customise the requirements to suit your needs, and it is possible to VOC an individual for multiple units of competency as part of the same assessment.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs today.

Labour Hire

LMATS Welding Academy can assist you to gain employment through our recruitment partners such as Staff Australia;
after your successful training and assessment.

Staff Australia is a professional recruitment agency having recruitment offices around the country. LMATS synergy with Staff Australia can yield faster employment opportunities for you.

Further information about Staff Australia can be found at www.staffaus.com.au


LMATS Welding Academy can also assist our clients and the industry to gain access to trained and skilled welding personnel. LMATS Synergy partners “Staff Australia” can liaise on HR process and LMATS can provide quality assured, skilled welding personnel.

LMATS Welding Academy has embarked on a mission to increase the Quality and Skill level of welding personnel in Australia.

LMATS Welding Academy will provide Training and upskilling while “Staff Australia” can provide employment opportunities for those that achieve the desired quality and skill level. Together we can provide a quality Welding personnel that is suitable for the job at hand.

LMATS Welding Academy as a specialist in the welding field, provides technical advice, Welding Inspectors, welder training and welder qualification to “Staff Australia” so the customer can be assured of getting a quality welder every time saving downtime and increasing productivity.

Let us handle all the running around saving you time, resources and money, send LMATS Welding Academy the weld procedures that the welders need to be qualified to and we can supply the welders qualified and ready to go. Staff Australia can handle medicals, inductions, etc. making the whole process a relatively painless one.

Need a new procedure? LMATS Welding Academy has a vast library of pre-qualified procedures which may suit your needs or our Welding Inspectors can assist you to qualify a new procedure.