IS0 17020 accredited third-party inspection body (Worldwide Inspectorate)

LMATS is ISO 17020 accredited

Type “A” Inspection Body

iso 1720 tnIn addition to ISO 17025 accredited independent testing services, LMATS also offers ISO 17020 accredited inspection, witnessing and surveillance services in the following sectors.

  • WPS/WPQR/WQR development
    • WPS/PQR qualification, Welder qualification

  • Witnessing – Engineering tests
    • Pressure tests, mechanical test, metallurgical & chemical composition test, NDT and similar

  • Fabrication inspection - Structural
    • All types of structures for engineering plant

  • Fabrication inspection – Pressure vessel
    • Pressure vessels, boilers, fired pressure vessels, unfired pressure vessels and other similar pressure equipment.

  • Fabrication inspection – Pressure piping
    • Pressure piping, boilers pipes, pipelines and other similar pipes.

  • Fabrication inspection – Storage tank
    • Petroleum vertical tanks, horizontal vessels, spheres and any other storage tanks.

  • Port of Arrival - Product quality inspections
    • Various engineering products associated with structural, pressure equipment and tanks
    • Rolled plates, pipes, shapes, welded components, castings, forgings, wrought products, reinforcing bars, fasteners, fittings, flanges, rail, grinding mill media, etc

  • In-service inspection - Structures
    • Engineering structures at pressure equipment, tanks and piping and associated plant
    • Ancillary plants such as fans, pumps, ductwork, heavy machinery
    • Bridges, gantry signs, light poles, crash barriers, culverts, pipelines, handrails, etc
    • Repair witnessing and compliance inspection.

  • In-service inspection – Pressure vessels
    • Pressure vessels, auxiliary vessels, boilers, buried or mounded pressure equipment, compressed air containing vessels, fired heaters or convection banks, pressure piping, pressure relief devices, process vessels, refrigeration and air conditioning vessels, static low-temperature vessels - Below -10 ᵒC, static storage vessels, steam pressure vessels, vessels with quick actuating closures, water heaters and other similar classified pressure equipment.
    • Risk-based inspection on pressure equipment
    • Repair witnessing and compliance inspection.

  • In-service inspection – Pressure piping
    • Pressure piping and pipelines
    • Repair witnessing, hot tapping witness and compliance inspection.

  • In-service inspection – Storage tanks
    • Storage tanks, vessels, spheres
    • Repair witnessing and compliance inspection.

  • Coatings inspection
    • Coatings on newly fabricated structures, vessels, tanks, pipelines
    • The coating on in-service engineering components
    • Repair witnessing and compliance inspection.

LMATS offers ISO 17020 accredited services from its Australia wide branches - Melbourne, Victoria, Albury, Sydney, Newcastle in NSW, Brisbane in Queensland and Perth in WA. Additionally, LMATS can execute inspection services at any other location at request.

See more details on LMATS NATA ISO 17020 accreditation.

  • A simplified scope of accreditation is as stated below.
    • Witnessing of Industrial processes such as welding, brazing, joining
    • Weld consumable qualification, weld qualification
    • Weld procedure qualification
    • Welder qualification
    • Witnessing, witnessing of test plates, associated testing,
    • Fabrication inspection, survey, surveillance, examination
    • Systems assessment, document examination, Verification of records
    • Visual examination and associated measurement
    • Hold point witnessing and verification
    • Witnessing of pressure testing, testing
    • Coating inspection
    • Acceptance inspection
    • Commissioning inspection
    • In-service inspection
    • Modification inspection

  • Common Standards covered in the above activities are
    • AS 1554.1 t7 series, AS 1665 and similar
    • AS 3920, AS/NZS 3788, AS 4343, AS 1271 and similar
    • AS 2890, AS/NZS 3992, AS 3978 and similar
    • AS 1210, AS 4458, AS 4041, AS 4037
    • AS 2885.2 and AS 2885.5 and similar
    • API 653, AP 650, AS 1692, AS 1940 and similar
    • AS 3894 coating series, AS 1445 and similar
    • ASME IX, ASME V, ASME BPV and similar
    • BS PD5500 specification and similar
    • AWS D1.1 tD1.7 series and similar
    • IS15614 series, IS9606 series, DIN EN 970
    • AS/NZS IS3834 and similar
    • VicRoads and RMS specification and similar Principal’s specifications
    • Similar internationally recognised standards directly and indirectly related to engineering structures, pressure equipment, storage tanks, product-related welding, fabrication, manufacturing, testing Standards

  •   LMATS also offers ISO 17020 accredited inspection, witnessing and surveillance services in the following industries but not limited to.
    • Defence land projects and naval shipbuilding
    • Fabrication & manufacturing – Structures, pressure equipment, storage tanks & pipeline
    • Construction industry and new projects
    • Infrastructure, rail (rolling stock), transport, shipping & road-related assets
    • Oil & gas, chemical and processing plants

LMATS can act as a purchaser’s representative and conduct activities as per client specification in several areas of engineering where ISO 17020 accreditation is not applicable. In all activities, LMATS will apply the same principles of the Accreditation Standard.

Clients will benefit from the value addition from all LMATS inspectors who are qualified and experienced and qualified in the relevant field of testing and inspection. Additionally, most of the inspectors are approved testers under ISO 17025 and hence their experience is verified in the form of a proficiency test and demonstration of continuity of testing experience.

A true quality assurance, from LMATS experience!

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