Advanced NDT Testing Solutions

LMATS has the most advanced NDT Methods with the commissioning of the latest ECA, PAUT,TOFD, CRT, IRIS, RFT, PEC, LRUT, SRUT, LFET, RFT, NFA, MFL equipment.
LMATS has an extensive range of Advanced Non Destructive Testing NDT solutions that offer our customers unmatched capability of applications ranging from weld inspections to the detection of hidden cracks, voids, porosity and other internal irregularities in metals, composites, plastics and ceramics.
These Advanced NDT Techniques are:-
Fast, Accurate, Traceable a digital paper trail
Advanced NDT Methods offer a number of significant benefits over traditional ultrasonic techniques

LMATS has a successful track record of delivering non-intrusive inspection (NII) services and other advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques. By combining our engineering expertise and advanced inspection techniques which offer repeatable data analysis and an increased defect detection. LMATS advanced inspection services customers benefit in increased productivity, reduced shutdown periods and extended intervals between shutdowns.

LMATS offer a wide range of methods to evaluate an assets condition and support Fitness-for-Service recommendations.