Tensile test is the most elementary type of mechanical test performed on materials. Tensile tests are simple, economical and traceable to the national standards. A tensile test also known as tension test is performed by holding the test items or test specimens in a suitable equipment. An axial pulling force is applied on the test item or test specimen and its behaviour under force is recorded on a conventional graph or chart or computerised data acquisition method.

thumb tensile testGenerally this test is performed at ambient temperature. Where a material is subjected to elevated temperature such as boilers and pressure vessel applications, a high temperature tensile test is performed. In Australia, AS 2291 specifies test method requirements for high temperature tensile test.

This test provides information such as Proof load, 0.2% proof stress, Yield strength, Ultimate tensile strength or breaking force, Elongation, Reduction of area, modulus of elasticity, etc.