Condition monitoring is a process of collecting and analysing facts or data to determine condition of assets e.g machines, equipments, process plant and structures to prevent a premature or unexpected failure. Condition monitoring assist in planning preventive maintenance by reducing breakdown and downtime cost and increases life of an asset.

This process is very vital for heavy industries to prevent failure of affordable and unaffordable components which can cost loss of production in thousands and millions of dollars or injuring personel or community.

Condition monitoring involves collection of data about operating conditions, visual examination of assets, non-destructive testing, analysis of the facts and findings, implementation of corrective actions, further monitoring and documenting all the steps to assist in applying preventive measures on other similar assets.

The process of condition monitoring reduces the risk of injuries, reduces the downtime and increases productivity in the mining industries, offshore and shipping industry and heavy engineering industries. Most of the quality endorsed organisations and insurance companies ensure that condition monitoring is performed to reduce the risk of unexpected failure.

LMATS comprises a team of Metallurgist, Engineers, Scientist, Engineering Technologist and Non-destructive testing Technologist. The combination of these professionals from different speciality ensures that a cost effective condition monitoring procedure is established.

Condition Monitoring Services

Vibration monitoring is a non-destructive & predictive testing technique that has a wide range of applications. It can identify a forerunner to predict problems well in advance of breakdown before catastrophic failure occurs. This approach improves equipment reliability while eliminating the stress associated with reactive maintenance.