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LMATS is now a Lloyds Register Approved Service Supplier

LMATS now offers hull inspection services to ensure vessels can maintain safe and effective operation while meeting international and statutory standards and laws using Non-Destructive Testing methods.

LMATS  now services all 

Scope of approval:  Measurement of Hull Structure - Type B (Ships- all Vessels as defined in MQPS, Book N, Procedure 17-10)

ndt hull thickness survey


Services Offered under the Lloyds Certificate

  • Steel hull survey of vessels - ultrasonic thickness testing
  • Aluminium hull survey of vessels - ultrasonic thickness testing
  • AMSA DCV hull thickness surveys
  • FRP & composite structure thickness testing
  • Pre-purchase hull condition surveys


Finding hidden Corrosion between hull plates and structural framing of a vessel.

ship corrosion 1

The use of Non-Destructive Ultrasonic Testing accurately detects by precisely measuring the interface elements of the hull plating & internal framing provide the surveyor with an indication of the condition of the hull of a vessel.

International and statutory standards require vessels to be re-certified at regular intervals.


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Download copy of Lloyds Approval.