LMATS comprises a team of Metallurgist, Engineers, Scientist, Engineering Technologist and Non-destructive testing Technologist whom have extensive experience and exposure to several national and international testing technique, test methods and test equipment.

The combination of education, knowledge and comprehensive experience makes it possible for LMATS staff to take on additional challenges and explore in to new areas of testing and quality assurance. There are several test methods which are rarely employed in the industry but they are essential to verify certain types of product quality and performance.

One of the clients requested LMATS staff to perform testing on rubber vinyl products in accordance with a particular standard. None of the LMATS staff had performed this type of tests in the past. The client was assured that LMATS staff will explore the possibility of testing and offer solution. LMATS staff read and understood the standard and prepared all necessary set-up and test instruments to perform the test in accordance with the standard. The test was successfully completed and one more client was satisfied.

LMATS staff can investigate research and offer several other test methods which are not mentioned on our website. Simply request LMATS Melbourne, Albury, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane or Perth supportive staff and they will assist you to complete your task in time.