This section is particularly designed for clients to reduce their quality assurance coordination work and to build the Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) as efficient as if the testing section is within your premises.

At this stage LMATS is offering online Job Request form so that you can simply fill up the details and email or fax to LMATS and from this point onwards LMATS will take care of your task. If you wish to provide your feedback or opinion about our services to LMATS then just complete our online Customer Survey form or Suggestion / Complaint form and email or fax us. The Quotation Request form can be filled and emailed to LMATS to obtain precise and correct quotation.

The online computer or web based system has saved several hours of manpower around the world. As compared to the traditional phone calls during only office hours, the computer based tasks can be completed around the clock and 7 days a week. No need to wait for the requested person to pick up the phone or call back confirmation.
The online system will eliminate all verbal communication errors.

There are several additional facilities to appear in this section which will contribute in saving client’s precious time and increase their productivity.

Please visit this section regularly and you will find progressively efficient engineering tools to reduce your work.