Calibration Services by LMATS

Calibration is a process of establishing the relationship between the values indicated by a measuring instrument against the values from a known measuring instrument that is traceable to the national and international standard. When feasible the instrument readings are adjusted to read correct readings as part of the calibration process.

A calibration is performed under controlled environment and by trained and experienced calibration professionals.

LMATS comprises a team of professionals to calibrate various instruments such as:
Linear measuring instruments

  • micrometers
  • vernier callipers
  • slip gauges
  • gauge blocks
  • various custom gauges
  • measuring rules
  • measuring tapes
  • microscope eyepieces
  • dial gauges

Pressure measuring devices

  • pressure gauges
  • pressure transducers

Force measuring devices

  • load cells
  • portable masses
  • weights
  • tensioners

Temperature measuring devices

  • thermometer
  • thermocouples