The location and distribution of reinforcing material (reo bars), size and spacing can be detected non-destructively using several proprietary instruments.  

LMATS  have a ground penetrating radar JRC (Japan Radio Co., Ltd) model NJJ-95B which is predominantly used for most of the applications due to its relative accuracy and achievable sensitivity. This instrument can provide digital image of the distribution pattern and the software can accurately size reinforcing bars.

It is gaining acceptance as a useful and rapid technique for non-destructive detection of delaminations and the types of defects, which can occur in bare or overlaid reinforced concrete decks. It also shows potential for other applications such as measurement of the thickness of concrete members and void detection. There are several other equivalent instruments available in the industry to perform this test. The ground penetrating radar can eliminate radiographic requirements to test concrete for the detection of reinforcing bars, concrete structure, etc.


LMATS offers services from the Melbourne and Sydney laboratory.