Third Party Inspection , Supplier Audits And Vendor Management

LMATS  provides Third Party inspection and Client representation services from its several Australia-wide Laboratories.  LMATS  comprises a team of experienced  Engineers, Metallurgist, NDT Level 3, Mechanical & pressure testing experts, AICIP / API Inspectors, Welding Inspectors, NACE / CSWIP BGAS Inspectors and NDT Personnel. The combination of these professionals from different speciality field ensures that the client is benefited by implementation of the most cost effective inspection regime that will comply with the regulatory requirements, various international Standards and provide fitness for purpose data.  LMATS is accredited in accordance with ISO 17025 in several laboratory based tests including pressure testing, mechanical testing and NDT. LMATS Auditors performing inspection and client representation are also authorised under ISO 17025 Accreditation system to perform other types of engineering tests. This additional experience and qualification of LMATS Engineers assist clients the added value to their product verification or certification.


LMATS Consulting offers third-party inspection services to meet your Statutory compliance either as a planned process or in an emergency situation. LMATS is experienced in assessing business processes and products to internationally recognised Standards, Codes, Design specifications and project specific requirements.  LMATS  source inspection services ( at supplier and vendor sites for manufacturers ) will confirm whether the equipment or goods have been manufactured in accordance with a client's specifications and other applicable quality system requirements as specified to ensure product/project integrity.

Some of the elements of Third party inspection are :

  • Product Certification
  • Third party inspection of Pressure Equipment meeting your Statutory compliance
  • Third party inspection of MDR & Conformity assessment for Pressure vessels
  • Review of material test reports
  • Witnessing mechanical tests, factory acceptance tests and hydrostatic and performance tests
  • Third party Witnessing welder's performance qualifications,
  • Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) & Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) as per the client requirements
  • Witnessing NDE ( Non Distructive Examination ) and performing visual examinations
  • Instrument calibration
  • Inspection of coatings
  • Third party Asset Owner's Representation Services  to Asia Pacific and World wide services provided
  • Material verification
  • Third party Assurance of Product quality

LMATS  provide above services to a wider industries including pipeline, pressure vessels, process piping, petrochemical, construction, industrial, manufacturing,  marine, defence, transportation and power generation.


Contact one of the Australia wide LMATS Laboratories near you for your project requirements. Currently LMATS provides third party inspection services in VIC Victoria, NSW New South Wales, QLD Queensland, NT Northern Territory, WA Western Australia, SA South Australia, TAS Tasmania and some of the international locations as per clients requirements. LMATS NATA accredited labs are in Melbourne, Sydney, Albury, Brisbane and Perth.

For a more information on our Third Party Inspection services please contact LMATS .