NACE / BGAS Coating Inspectors

LMATS  provides coating inspection services and various laboratory tests on protective coatings from its several Australian Laboratories. LMATS comprises a team of experienced NACE / CSWIP BGAS Inspectors, Metallurgist, Engineers, AICIP Inspectors and NDT Personnel. The combination of these professionals from different speciality area ensures that the end user is benefited by implementation of the most cost effective inspection regime that will comply with the regulatory requirements, various international Standards and provide fitness for purpose data.  LMATS is accredited in accordance with ISO 17025 in some of the laboratory based coating related tests. LMATS NACE inspectors performing inspection and various types of coating  tests are also authorised under ISO 17025 Accreditation system to perform other types of engineering tests. This additional experience and qualification of LMATS coating inspectors and Engineers assist LMATS clients the added value to their product verification or certification.

LMATS  can provide following types of inspections and laboratory based tests on coating

  • Precoating surface inspection – blast profile measurements using Testex method
  • Precoating surface inspection for contamination detection e.g. Ferroxyl or Copper Sulphate test and similar
  • Coating thickness test – WFT (Wet Film Thickness)
  • Coating thickness test – DFT (Dry Film Thickness)
  • Degree of cure test
  • Coating Adhesion test (coating Pull-off test)
  • Film continuity test
  • Holiday (high voltage porosity) test
  • PMI on coatings – Detection of heavy elements e.g. Pb, Ti, etc
  • Coating qualification test
  • Coating mass thickness test
  • Galvanised coating inspection
  • Cathodic disbondment test
  • Failure investigation on coatings
  • Third Party Inspection and witness for coating activity
  • Coating inspections to NACE Level 2 CIP2


Coating Inspection Services for

  • Offshore structures, containers and shipment infrastructure
  • Oil and Gas industry infrastructure
  • Mining industry infrastructure
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical infrastructure
  • Pipelines, Process Piping, Storage tanks
  • Heavy Highway and bridge, Railroad, Passenger Transportation heavy rain and light rail
  • Water & Waste water Treatment
  • Above & Below Ground Gas and Oil Transmission
  • Amusement Parks & Water Parks
  • Aviation and Airport facilities
  • Food Processing and Storage

Contact one of the Australia wide LMATS Laboratories near you for your project requirements. Currently LMATS provides Coating inspection services in VIC Victoria, NSW New South Wales, QLD Queensland, NT Northern Territory, WA Western Australia, SA South Australia, TAS Tasmania and some of the international locations as per clients requirements. LMATS NATA accredited labs are in Melbourne, Sydney, Albury, Brisbane and Perth.
Please contact LMATS about your coating inspection requirements