Asset Owner's Representative

LMATS provide a comprehensive Owner's Representation Services. LMATS Staff are experienced and recognised under ISO 17025 Accreditation system in most of the test methods. This hands on experience and the recognised accreditation in the independent testing laboratory makes them niche in the third party inspection services.

Providing a comprehensive Asset Owner's Representation Services LMATS , as an internationally accredited  independent engineering testing laboratory we have all the tools at hand to act on behalf of the Asset Owner on site  being  your “eyes and ears.”

LMATS approach focuses on the owner’s goals and objectives. These targets can be facilitated by providing:

  • Single point of contact in all engineering field of testing
  • Consolidated cost estimate
  • A particular advisory service for a designated project
  • or all the way through full Owner’s Representation services.

As an independant Third party Asset Owners Representitive an LMATS inspection confirms:

  • That the owner or stake holder is actually getting the product or service they ordered
  • That the product or service meets the specification
  • That the process of manufacture meets Statutory compliance
  • Ensure product/project integrity
  • Third party Pre shipment inspection
  • The most important desired Value for expenditure.

LMATS are providing these services to a wide range of industries around the world, including petrochemical, construction, industrial, manufacturing, pipeline, marine, defence, transportation and power generation.

For a more information on our Asset Owners Representative Third Party Inspection services please contact LMATS  Melbourne, Albury, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane or Perth staff.