Product Quality Inspections are Important, see how  LMATS  can help you save costs.

Are you receiving what you ordered?

Are you sure that what you are receiving is not counterfeit?

Is the complete shipment of the same quality and meets the specification?


LMATS regularly inspects the following Products

  • Rail Inspections
    LMATS  provides independent second line checks the manufacturer’s own inspection processes

  • Grinding Media
        Ball Mill and Mill Liner Inspections

  • Threaded Fastener Inspections  
       Bolts, nuts, washers, threaded rod and screws

  • Conductors used in the high voltage electrical transmission network / grid
    Tensile tests, Vickers Hardness tests, Torsion tests, Wrapping test "Ductility", Metallographic tests, Chemical composition, Zinc mass, Grease mass
  • Other Products that LMATS Inspect
       Structural steel plate and section Inspections
       Pipe Inspections
       Fittings and flange Inspections
       and many more Inspections are available

  • Carbon and Sulphur Determination

Product Inspection Services

Why use  LMATS For Your Product Inspections Services