Impact or toughness strength is very important mechanical property for structures or components subject to shock loading and especially in shipping industry, offshore industry, aviation industry, pressure vessels and bridges in the cold and stormy conditions.

impact test 1

There are primarily 2 types of impact test - Charpy impact test and Izod impact test.

Both tests involves fracturing a notched specimen of standard dimension and measuring the amount of energy absorbed to fracture the specimen. 

The absorbed energy is a measuring unit of a materials toughness or impact strength which is used to derive temperature dependent ductile to brittle transition or fracture point. 

These tests can also be used to determine critical crack or notch depth.

LMATS Melbourne and Sydney laboratories performs these tests in accordance with AS 1544, AS 2205.7, ASTM E23, ASTM A370, ASME IX QW 170, AS 2885.2, AS 1554 series, AS 3992, AS 3678, AS 3679.1, AS 3679.2, AS 1163, ISO 15614 series, DIN EN 875, DIN EN 10045.1, DNV P2 C2 S1, AWS series, ISO 15614 series, ISO 9956, ISO 9606 series and similar test standards.