Remote Inspection of Welds and Map Corrosion

Cost savings of inspections by the reduced use of scaffold construction and removal, Elevated Work Platforms hire & rope access time.

LMATS  announce the addition of a motorized steerable scanning solution to its line of advanced NDT solutions for ultrasonic, phased array testing and corrosion mapping, SteerROVER™.

Inspect at heights without expensive scaffolding. Steer to hard-to-reach areas thanks to the scanner’s two pods with independent motors and four strong magnetic wheels.

corrosion mapping


LMATS  remote inspection of Corrosion, thickness & weld assessment on the storage tanks, pressure vessels, LPG Spheres, overhead piping and structural elements is; fast, accurate, repeatable and traceable.

The LMATS remote inspection NDT solution techniques are:-
Fast, Accurate, Traceable a digital paper trail

Elevated Work Platform (EWP) vs Rope Access vs Scaffolding vs SteerROVER.
Same inspection, Same tank wall, corrosion mapping. 



Rope Access


Set Up – 1/2 Hour Induction & setup – 2 Hour  Set Up – 1 Hour  Set Up – 12 Hours
Perform Works – 4 Hours Perform Works – 6 Hours  Perform Works – 8 Hours  Perform Works – 8 Hours
Clear Site – 1/2 Hour Clear Site – 1 Hour Clear Site – 1 Hour  Clear Site – 12 Hours
Total – 5 Hours Total – 9 Hours  Total – 10 Hours  Total – 32 Hours
  A permit may be required   A permit may be required 


The LMATS motorized steerable scanning solution, SteerROVER™ has different configurations depending on the application (weld, corrosion or visual inspection) and by combining different raster arms and cable length and camera options.

thumb remote corrosion mappingthumb remote corrosion mapping 2thumb remote corrosion mapping 5thumb remote corrosion mapping 8

thumb remote corrosion mapping 6

Remote Weld Inspection
The LMATS motorized steerable scanning solution SteerROVER™ can inspect welds when configured:

  • Longitudinal welds on pipes as small as (305 mm) 12 inches and up to flat
  • Internal, circumferential pipe range: 24 in. (610 mm) and above
  • Circumferential pipe diameter range: 2.75 in. (70 mm) up to flat

thumb remote corrosion mapping 7thumb remote corrosion mapping 3thumb remote corrosion mapping 4

Laser vision enables the unit to keep the weld being inspected in the centre of the probe thus maintaining an accurate scan.

remote corrosion mapping pipe









Remote Corrosion Mapping

When configured and fitted with a motorized raster arm, the LMATS motorised steerable scanner SteerROVER™ is a powerful solution for corrosion inspection in remote locations.

LMATS now offers a 3D image of the Remote Corrosion Mapping

thumb 3D tank report 3

The red heat map indicates areas of less than 2.5mm remaining wall thickness.

Data analysis of the linished patches revealed locations as low as 1.3mm remaining wall thickness.

Click on the image above to see the report.


Remote Visual Inspection
When fitted with digital still and video cameras, the LMATS motorised steerable scanner SteerROVER™ enables visual inspections in hard to get to places without the expense of EWP's, Ropework, scaffolding or drones.

The magnetic wheels provide the necessary traction to perform scanning at heights, such as on large pressure vessels or tanks and pipework.

Remote Inspection Features:

  • Versatile steerable remote-control scanner to perform PAUT, TOFD, PEC, ECA, LFET, EMAT & visual inspection using various probes/camera holder configurations.
  • Test speed – 15m/minute max. in ideal conditions
  • 600mm scan width at 760mm/Sec in ideal conditions.

Remote Inspection Advantages:

  • Improve safety by eliminating rope access work
  • Reduce the cost of scaffold, EWP & rope access time
  • Consistent & high-speed examination decrease onsite time and maintenance cost for the asset owner
  • 100% coverage scanning mapped & recorded.

Remote Inspection Applications:

  • Corrosion, erosion, wall loss, thickness mapping & weld assessment on storage tanks,
    • Pressure vessels
    • LPG Spheres
    • Overhead piping
    • Mining wear chutes
    • Wear plates
    • Marine hulls when in drydock
    • wherein a scaffold, EWP or rope access is required to access the examination area.
  • Risers, vertical piping, structural columns & beams
  • Scanning on overhead pipes >70mm OD
  • Scanning internally on pipes >610mm ID.

Remote Inspection Limitations:

  • Unsuitable on non-ferromagnetic tanks
  • However non-ferromagnetic pipes can be scanned using a chain attachment and drive system
  • Unsuitable underwater applications
  • Maximum 10kg payload capacity.


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