WaterJet Cutting

WaterJet Cutting for faster mechanical testing and Inspection results

As part of LMATS commitment towards exceeding customer satisfaction, and aligning with Industry 4.0 revolution to decrease turn-around time for mechanical testing and WPS/Welder qualification tests, LMATS are using the latest waterjet cutting machine technology.


The water jet cutting process at LMATS decreases the specimen extraction and machining time by 90% over the current industry practice. Generally, a test plate requiring the following procedures; 1 macro test, 2 tensile tests, 4 bend tests  and a set of 3 impact tests would take minimum 4 to 8hours for cutting on a band saw and further milling/grinding process. But the same result can be obtained in <30minutes on our waterjet cutter. The waterjet cutter also eliminates or reduces further machining/ grinding on test specimen there by enabling LMATS  to offer a rapid turnaround of the testing procedure.

waterjet cutter  old tech saws

Most importantly, the waterjet process has the ability cut a vast range of materials ie: very hard, thin, brittle and fragile materials efficiently. For example, specimens for Microscopy, Macro test, Tensile, Compression, Shear, Ductility & bend test, Charpy impact, hardness, chemical analysis, WPS & welder qualification tests, various metallurgical tests including failure investigations and corrosion tests, Coatings bend test, etc can be efficiently from exotic materials such as:

  • Carbon fibre, FRP and Composite materials, Fibre glass
  • HDPE pipes, Plastics, Polymers, Polycarbonates
  • Glass, Ceramics, Refractories and very hard materials
  • very hard materials without heat input.
waterjet cutting of test piece  waterjet cutting test piece

 The WaterJet Cutting of a Titanium Welded test piece for a (WPS)Qualification


*In ideal conditions, test results from a single test plate can be delivered within a single working day.

Versatility is LMATS WaterJets cuttings Biggest Asset

Almost Any Material: Soft Hard thick thin is Not a problem with the LMATS WaterJet Cutter



The LMATS Advantage of using WaterJet Cutting Technology:-

  • Fast Turn around of results Next Day!
  • No significant heat affected zone (HAZ) especially critical on some special alloys
  • Highly Accurate cutting
  • Accurate repeatability
  • No distortion used cold cutting technology, thus eliminating changes in mechanical properties of the specimen due to thermal effects
  • Large cutting deck to accommodate the largest weld / test coupon 1,300 mm x 1,300 mm.

The  LMATS  WaterJet Cutter has an Accuracy / Repeatability of 0.0025"[0.064 mm] Linear Straightness ±0.005 in/3 ft [±0.13 mm/m].


WaterJet Cutting produces the highest quality testing samples. The process produces a very clean cut, and it creates no significant heat affected zone (HAZ) especially critical on some special alloys and hard steel, the waterjet cutter is also ideal for cutting case hardened samples.

The  LMATS  WaterJet Cutter has the fineness of a Hair-thin pure waterjet stream ideal for cutting soft materials, to the strength to cut through the hardest of materials at all times maintaining the accuracy and quality of the cut with the infinite control of a powerful pressure up to 60,000 psi [4,150 bar].

LMATS will be glad to accommodate our customer’s requirements for cutting their custom prototype samples for their upcoming projects available in Melbourne and Perth.

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