LMATS offers testing of adhesives and sealants to ascertain wether they meet the required standard they are being test for.

LMATS regularly undertake the testing of Sealants, Adhesives & Polymers as described below:

  • Flow test for A, B, C, D & E classes of sealants in accordance with AS 5127/1C
  • Application Time test for class A, B, C, D of sealants and catalyst in accordance with AS 5127/1C
  • Tack‐Free time test for all classes
  • Initial Cure time test with testing to ASTM D2240
  • Peel Strength test for classes A, B, C, D & E in both 4 and 5-inch configuration
  • T‐Peel strength test for structural adhesives in accordance with ASTM D1876
  • Lap Shear test for structural adhesives in accordance with ASTM D1002, including PAA and thin film sulphuric acid anodizing in accordance with the respective standards.
  • Gel Time test of adhesives in accordance with ASTM D2471
  • Rubber testing to ISO 37/ ASTM D412
  • Flatwise tensile testing of adhesives using metal honeycomb core to BS EN2243 / ASTM C297
  • Volumetric distortion test/ Mass loss of rubber products in Hexane
  • Deterioration test by subjecting to exposure to oxygen AS/NZS 1425
  • Durometer Hardness Testing to ASTM D2240 and ISO 868

1-Gel-Test 4-Flow-TestShore-Hardness-Test 2-Application-Time metal-honeycomb

LMATS comprises a team of Materials and Chemical Engineers, Scientists and Engineering Technologists.

Here at LMATS we have the in-house expertise to design comprehensive testing plans including fabrication of specialised jigs and fixtures required for testing to specific standards or specific client needs.

LMATS performs Sealant, Adhesive & Polymer Testing in the Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney testing laboratories.

For all of your Sealant, Adhesive & Polymer Testing requirements, please contact LMATS

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