Rail Inspection services

LMATS regularly undertake Rail Weld Joints inspection services using various inspection methods for the inspection of rail flash but welds and Aluminothermic welding "Thermite" procedures. 

LMATS has ILAC MRA recognized accreditation pre-shipment inspections a product tested once and accepted everywhere

rail inspection

LMATS provides independent second line checks the manufacturer’s own inspection processes, carried out on either a second or third-party basis. This review not only ensures that the manufacturers are carrying out the correct checks and inspections but witnesses a sample set and identifies additional non-compliances or improvements throughout the process.

In-Service Rail Failures can have catastrophic effects on the bottom line whether it is from derailments causing large production losses to speed restrictions on the rail system

  • 10% of joints are Aluminothermic welds
  • 90% of joints are Flash Butt welds
  • 90% of failures are in Aluminothermic welds

rail failour Cracked AT fatigue rail 1MPI 

Majority of our work is qualification testing

In addition to inspection for mandatory compliance LMATS have many years of experience in the inspection of quality, finish and customer compliance issues, particularly final customer inspections. 


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