LMATS provides metallurgical consulting services in physical and production metallurgical sector. This involves assessment of chemical, physical and mechanical properties of material for alloy or grade identification or for failure investigation by performing chemical analysis (OES & XRF), mechanical testing, metallography and several chemical tests.

Simple metallographic test can determine the quality of material in terms of hardness, strength, toughness, fatigue behaviour, corrosion resistance and heat treatment condition. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) can reveal further details at microconstituents level. As an example, following image shows Hydrogen embriittlement identified by one of LMATS Material Engineers. 

Bolt failure - SEM

Another example of  SEM by one of LMATS Material Engineers. 

LMATS Laboratories in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth offers metallurgical consulting. Contact one of the LMATS laboratories near your location to assit you on your project.