Intergranular corrosion (IGC)

Titanium Intergranular Corrosion testing to (ASTM F2111)

This practice covers the procedures for testing and measuring intergranular attack (IGA) and end grain pitting on aircraft metals and alloys caused by maintenance or production chemicals.
If not properly qualified, chemicals and chemical processes can attack metals used during aircraft maintenance and production. It is important to qualify only processes and chemical formulas that do not have any deleterious effects on aircraft metallic skins, fittings, components, and structures.

This test procedure is used to detect and measure intergranular attack or pitting depth caused by aircraft maintenance chemical processes, hence, this test procedure is useful in selecting a process that will not cause intergranular attack or end grain pitting on aircraft alloys.

The purpose of this practice is to aid in the qualification or process conformance testing or production or maintenance chemicals for use on aircraft.

Some examples of maintenance and production chemicals include:

  • organic solvents
  • paint strippers
  • cleaners
  • deoxidizers
  • water-based or semi-aqueous cleaners
  • or etching solutions and chemical milling solutions.

LMATS is approved by BAE. UK to perform this type of corrosion resistance test by measuring Intergranular attack (IGA) and end grain pitting.