Coating inspection Precoating surface and sub surface inspection

LMATS offer a comprehensive pre coating inspection service, and Third Party Inspection , Supplier Audits And Vendor Management, having an NATA accredited laboratory LMATS are able to perform all the NDT inspections required from PMI - Positive Material Identification on various Grades of material using XRF Spectroscopy, Chemical analysis using the latest technology spark atomic emission spectrometer (AES) for chemical analysis of metallic samples, trough to Radiographic (RT), Ultrasonic testing (UT /UFD/ ULT/ UTT), Eddy Current Testing (ET), Material Identification to name a few.

A pre coating inspection of a grit blasted surface profile measurements and made using Testex method this is important as most coatings do not have high adhesion properties and require the optimum conditions to achieve the best results.

When compressed against a roughened material, this method accurately replicates details of its surface roughness.

The impression can be studied in either of two ways:

  1. A simple micrometric dial thickness gage can be used to determine the average maximum peak-to-valley roughness, or "profile," of a replicated surface, or,
  2. An optical profiling interferometer or similar device can be used to produce maps of the replica's surface topography. This is most appropriate to study of subtle features at the microinch (25 nanometer) level.


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