LMATS offers an alternative to the expensive eddy current testing by performing tube leak test.
The tube leak test is very fast, convenient, effective and economical for general purpose heat exchangers such as air-air or air-water heating / cooling systems.
Without any preparation (except opening inspection hatches), the first tube of the Heat exchanger tube leakage test can be tested for leakage in less than a minute.

  • Ultra sensitive technique compared to hydro-testing or handheld helium leak methods
  • Intrinsically safe Heat exchanger tube leakage test and detection as no volatiles are used in the testing
  • Faster than most other testing methods the heat exchanger is back online faster
  • Cost-effective method of heat exchanger tube leakage test
  • Can detect leaks in systems that may partially “reseal” when taken offline due to metal contraction
  • Able to pinpoint leaks in individual exchanger tubes allowing fast repair and vessel turnaround
  • Un-reactive with any contaminants remaining in an exchanger under test
  • For water-sensitive processes a non-wetting technique that eliminates the requirement to dry before returning to service
  • No  contamination of product with chemicals during the heat exchanger tube leakage test.

tube leak_test_step_1 tube leak_test_step_2

Refer to the photographs for general arrangement while testing

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