All cranes, hoist and lifting devices are coated or painted with protective coating for corrosion resistance and aesthetic reason. Most of the cranes require periodic non-destructive testing to detect any fatigue cracks in the highly stressed areas.

Magnetic particle test is the very sensitive and relatively inexpensive test method. In order to perform adequate magnetic particle inspection, paint coating has to be removed. This removal of paint, coating and repainting after the test makes crane testing very expensive.

Whereas eddy current testing offers a perfectly reliable and economical inspection practice. Eddy current test can be performed on the coated or painted surface by eliminating the cost of paint removal and recoating. Occasionally, paint analysis is required to be performed to ensure that the paint is not conductive which can affect the calibration sensitivity of the test instrument.

LMATS offers collaborative inspection and testing programs with our clients. LMATS can schedule the testing with the clients and remind whenever the test or inspection is due.

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