LMATS Vision, Mission and Values are defined as follows. 



LMATS ' Vision is to show the world a better way. Our goal is to have a far-reaching impact on our planet, leading the industry through innovation, rapid service, new technologies and outstanding service.

LMATS ' Mission is to apply our skills and high quality processes to solve a wide range of problems. The outcomes we deliver improve society, making the world safer and more sustainable.

LMATS are committed to our values, which we live day to day:

  • Care and Respect - The safety and wellbeing of our staff, communities and society in general are of utmost importance. We are committed to a diverse and inclusive environment where every voice valued. 
  • Above and Beyond - We exceed expectations of our clients and stakeholders, in customer service, technical performance, innovation and sustainability. 
  • Pride in Quality - We set the standard for quality in our industry. Our high quality work makes the world safer and more sustainable.
  • Serve with Integrity - We are committed to honest and ethical behaviour in everything we do. We develop trust and integrity through transparent communication.