The Vickers Micro-hardness test is the same test method as Vickers hardness test except the test force applied is below 49.03N (5kgf). The test method is employed on the cross section of thin material, to measure hardness of micro constituents and microstructure transformation zones.

Micro-Hardness testing is used to determine the hardness in precise locations of castings and forgings whose grain structure is too course for accurate Rockwell or Vickers testing.


Microhardness can be used to check hardness in precise locations, for example:

  • Identifying a hardness gradient, for example to identify depth of case hardening, induction hardening or decarburisation
  • Identifying microstructural changes (such as plastic deformation or residual stresses) by change in hardness
  • Measuring hardness of particular microstructural regions, such as weld / HAZ regions, martensitic layers, hard or soft secondary phases
  • For thin or small items, e.g. coatings, shot beads, wires, foils, etc
  • For ceramics or brittle materials that crack under heavier loads

LMATS are NATA accredited for:
Micro-Vickers, Vickers, Rockwell and Brinell testing – all on metals only however we can also perform tests on glass,ceramics and minerals.

Micro-vickers of non-metals provided the hardness is in the range below 800 HV or so (glass is in this range)
Specifications for micro-hardness includes glass shot for the aerospace industry as per AMS 2431
See Vickers Micro-hardness testing of Glass beads

If you require any of the following tests to be undertaken:

  • Knoop
  • Baby Brinell
  • Mohs hardness test (this is a simple scratch test specific for ceramics and minerals, etc)

Please contact LMATS to discuss your requirements.

Some relevant standards associated with micro-hardness testing:

  • ASTM E10 (Brinell testing of metals)
  • ASTM E18 (Rockwell testing of metals)
  • ASTM E92 (Vickers testing of metals)
  • ASTM E140 (Hardness conversion tables between hardness methods)
  • ASTM E384 (Vickers and Knoop testing - general)
  • ASTM A370 (Tensile testing - for comparing hardness with tensile properties for steels)
  • ASTM C1326 (Knoop testing of advanced ceramics )
  • ASTM C1327 (Vickers testing of advanced ceramics )
  • ISO 2639 (For measuring case depth of case hardened parts by hardness traverse)
  • ISO 9015-1 (Hardness testing of arc welded joints)
  • ISO 9015-2 (Microhardness of welded joints)
  • ISO 6506-1 (Brinell testing of metals)
  • ISO 6507-1 (Vickers testing of metals)
  • ISO 6508-1 (Rockwell hardness of metals)
  • AS 1815 (Rockwell hardness of metals)
  • AS 1816 (Brinell hardness of metals)
  • AS 1817 (Vickers hardness of metals)
  • AS 1982 (For measuring depth of case hardened parts by hardness traverse)
  • AS 2028 (For measuring depth of flame or induction hardened parts by hardness traverse)
  • AS 2205-6-1 (Weld joint hardness test)
  • AS 5016 (Hardness conversion table - for comparing hardness with tensile properties for many metals)

Please contact LMATS to discuss your Vickers Micro-Hardness testing requirements.