Under Insulation Corrosion detection Advanced NDT CRT Computed Radiographic Inspection

LMATS offer CRT Computed Radiographic Testing for under insulation corrosion detection. These CRT Inspections are used to identify tube condition affecting short-term reliability and identify immediate remedial maintenance needs. LMATS are also able to identify trends (component and plant monitoring) for medium to long-term reliability and maintenance planning.

Advanced NDT CRT Computed Radiographic Inspection ON SITE IMEDIATE RESULTS

LMATS regularly inspect for Under insulation Corrosion:

  • Pressure Vessels
  • Very Thick Materials
  • Insulated Butt welds.

LMATS Advanced NDT CRT –Computed Radiographic Testing services covers the following industries but not limited to:

  • Petro Chemical
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Energy Generation
  • Transport
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Manufacturing
  • Refrigeration
  • and more.


Under insulation Corrosion detection (On‐site results)
Conventional image and Computed radiograph with image enhancing effects

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