Vickers Micro-hardness testing of Glass beads

The aviation Industry uses Glass beads as a shot peening media as a means of preventing stress corrosion and also to provide the necessary passivation or processing of aluminium surfaces to remove the contamination of steel shot.

Glass beads are used to peen relatively delicate parts of narrow dimensions or with fillet areas of narrow radii with maximum control of results.

The glass beads used for the aerospace industry have a spherical diamater of ~0.1-0.2mm and a hardness requirement of 500 – 550 HV.

LMATS have developed a testing method for micro-hardness of glass, including glass bead shot for the aerospace industry as per AMS 2431 Specifications. LMATS can also test glass, ceramics and minerals.


Some relevant standards associated with micro-hardness testing:

  • ASTM E10 (Brinell testing of metals)
  • ASTM E18 (Rockwell testing of metals)
  • ASTM E92 (Vickers testing of metals)
  • ASTM E140 (Hardness conversion tables between hardness methods)
  • ASTM E384 (Vickers and Knoop testing - general)
  • ASTM A370 (Tensile testing - for comparing hardness with tensile properties for steels)
  • ASTM C1326 (Knoop testing of advanced ceramics )
  • ASTM C1327 (Vickers testing of advanced ceramics )
  • ISO 2639 (For measuring case depth of case hardened parts by hardness traverse)
  • ISO 9015-1 (Hardness testing of arc welded joints)
  • ISO 9015-2 (Microhardness of welded joints)
  • ISO 6506-1 (Brinell testing of metals)
  • ISO 6507-1 (Vickers testing of metals)
  • ISO 6508-1 (Rockwell hardness of metals)
  • AS 1815 (Rockwell hardness of metals)
  • AS 1816 (Brinell hardness of metals)
  • AS 1817 (Vickers hardness of metals)
  • AS 1982 (For measuring depth of case hardened parts by hardness traverse)
  • AS 2028 (For measuring depth of flame or induction hardened parts by hardness traverse)
  • AS 2205-6-1 (Weld joint hardness test)
  • AS 5016 (Hardness conversion table - for comparing hardness with tensile properties for many metals)

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