Welder Qualification

Welder Qualification Witnessing (WPQR)

The process of Welder Qualification is to ensure that the welder and the specific welding procedure are both compatible. The Welder Qualification inspects the welder under test conditions, to weld an item using a specified welding position ie "Overhead Weld Procedure" "Vertical Weld Procedure""Vertical Pipe Weld Procedure etc", with specified consumables and materials, travel speed and amps and volts.

The audit of the welder to pass the test may include various NDT and Mechanical testing regimes like: x-ray; visual, die penetrant ultrasonis testing or mechanical testing like bend, tortion, tensile or macroscopic-examination testing and will prove the capability of the welder to perform in the field in accordance with the required specifications.

As  LMATS are a NATA certified NDT and Mechanical tester this enables LMATS to do all testing in house no need to send coupons to third party and in most cases the completed test coupon for a Welding Procedure Qualification Witnessing (WPQR) can provide results within 24hrs.

Most  standards whether national or international specify require a  sample weld for welding procedure qualification shall be witnessed by a qualified supervisors, welding inspectors, AICIP inspectors, Metallurgist and Mechanical Engineers.

The  LMATS  Welder Qualification Test staff are highly qualified with "Certificate 10" and “International Welding Engineer”

  LMATS are members of Weld Australia (WTIA), are an approved testing center for the Australian Welder Certification Register (AWCR).

LMATS  are capable of testing welders to all standards, ASME IX, AWS, AS/ NZS, ISO, API, BS and write/review PQR/WPS should clients require these services as we are a Fully Independent third party.
All welder testing done on premises providing results within 24hrs of welder completing test coupon, no need to send coupons to third party.

LMATS ’ can provide onsite welding procedure qualification record witnessing (WPQR). Simply request LMATS ’ supportive staff and they will assist you to complete your task in time.

Want to know more about  LMATS  Welding Procedure Witnessing (WPQR) and how it can assist you simply call is or contact us through our form