pressure-vessel-failureThe objectives of pressure equipment inspection are to:-

  • promote the safety and health of persons in the workplace and of the public
  • comply with occupational health and safety legislations
  • limit the potential damage to property
  • protect the environment through the control
  • reduction or elimination of risk associated with the pressure equipment
  • determine the condition of the pressure equipment
  • detect potential failures at early stages
  • reduce the risk of injury by potential failure and increase the pressure equipment life.

pressure-vessel-failure-2These objectives are achieved by verifying that:-fabrication and operation comply with design conditions, verifying that pressure equipment is safe and fit for service under the specified operating conditions until the next planned inspection.

Verifying that maintenance, repairs, and alterations are performed which will:maintain the integrity of the pressure equipment, indicating repairs
replacements or alteration which may be needed, assessing remaining safe life of the pressure equipment.

LMATS Melbourne and Sydney laboratories assists clients in risk based inspections, preparing the inspection plans and performing inspections.