A welder qualification or performance qualification weld testing involves limited tests such as visual inspection, Radiographic examination (RT), Ultrasonic testing ( UT or UFD), Magnetic Particle test (FMPI or MPI or MT) and Liquid Dye Penetrant Test ( DPI or PT) followed by appropriate mechanical test such as, transverse bend test, macro examination or macro test, weld fracture test, nick break test, fillet break test, corrosion resistance test and ferrite number test.

LMATS can complete most of the tests within 2 working days from the date of receipt of samples and the test results are advised to clients immediately after completion of the test. During normal circumstances, test reports are delivered electronically within the next 1 working day from the completion of the tests. Upon request and agreement LMATS can complete the required test on the day of receipt of samples at no additional cost.

Simply request LMATS’ supportive staff and they will assist you to complete your task in time.